Friday, 5 October 2012

Hot and sexiest film star of Bollywood - Salman khan

Smart and dashing Salman khan in veer

Wallpaper of laughing Salman khan

Hot and sexy Salman khan shirtless

Hot Salman khan kissing  sexy Katrina kaif

Salman khan wearing goggles 

Salman khan doing song with ayesha takia in wanted

Hot Salman khan without shirt showing his chest 

Salman khan in red pant and white shirt in wanted

Sexy Salman khan showing his six pack body 

Salman khan in shooting scene in wanted 

Salman khan in a lover boy style

Hot Salman khan in comic scene 

Hot shirtless Salman khan on beach

Hot Salman khan in gentleman look

Salman khan in typical tapoori style wrapping his hand with handkercheif

Sexy Salman khan and Sizzling katrina kaif on set of bigboss 

hot Salman khan and sexy kareena in dancing scene 

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